Tricycle is a tool designed to sort waste, developed by the MRC of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, as part of the CYCLE for the reduction, reuse, recycling and reclamation of residual materials.

Just as this three-wheeled bike helped us, one day or another, stay balanced and move forward, the Vaudreuil-Soulange RCM's Tricycle will help residents by installing them on a solid foundation as they adopt a new approach to waste management, as food waste collection will begin in 2018 in the region.

Tricycle is an intelligent and easy-to-use tool that allows all MRC residents to responsibly manage their waste. Depending on the type of disposable material and where you live, Tricycle will present all possible disposal sites, including the various waste collection services in your municipality on a map or on a list.

For further information on waste management in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges MRC, visit https://mrcvs.ca/en/